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Thank you for considering Caring Hearts Home Health for all your home care needs. We are the only full-service, Medicare certified home health care agency in Northern Colorado founded and operated by nurses. We provide both medical and non-medical services in Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins and surrounding areas. It is the goal of Caring Hearts to provide assistance to enable individuals to remain at home as long as possible.

Sherri Shovlin, CFO

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Note From The Owner

In my years of nursing, I have experienced many settings from working in a physician’s office, to intensive care, outpatient dialysis, and in-home dialysis, to long term care settings. I feel strongly that a person’s home is the best place to recover which is why our home health care agency in Northern Colorado was established.

In the home setting, both the staff and patient can slow down and really learn  together the best way to address the individual needs of each client. Home care is a valuable part of the continuum of care; with many clients seeing multiple physicians and quicker discharges from hospitals, home health nurses can ensure medications are being taken correctly, provide care to wounds, and teach clients to live with their diseases.

Therapists can fill the gap between discharge and when the clients are able to recover enough to progress to outpatient therapy services. Therapists also teach the client how to adapt to their living environment, something that can not be done anywhere but at home.

My wish for our industry is public awareness of its availability. Many people are not aware that home health care is covered by Private Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. As our population ages, the strain on the medical industry will only increase, and home health care can provide cost-efficient, quality-outcome medical services in a person’s most preferred setting.


We have a nurse on-call 24 hours a day for urgent home care needs!