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Medication Management and Teaching

Wound Care/Dressing Changes

Foot Care

Lab Work (Blood Draws)

Disease Management

Attend MD Appointments

Catheter Care

Pulse Oximetry Checks

Diabetic Care

Insulin Set Up

IV Administration

Foley Insertion

Bladder Instillation

Bowel/Bladder Training


Injection Administration

Certified Nurse Aide

Personal Care

Blood Pressure, Respiration,

& Temp Checks

Medication Reminder/Assist

Ace Wraps Assistance

Support Hose Assistance

Skilled Showers

Sponge Bathing

Shampoo Hair

Bowel/Bladder Care

Skin Care

Catheter Assistance

Dressing/Undressing Assistance

Hair Dressing

Oral Care

Ambulation Assistance

Skilled Transfer

Passive/Active/Prescribed Exercise Assistance

Encourage Fluid Intake

Physical Therapy

Establish Home Exercise Program

Posture Training/Exercises

Range of Motion Exercises

Positioning & Body Alignment Exercises

Muscle Strengthening Exercises

Balance Exercises

Gait Training

Joint Mobility Program

Cast Care

Prosthetic Device Training/Assistance

Adaptive Device Training/Assistance

Circulatory Checks

Bed Mobility

Transfer Technique Training

Endurance Improvement/Strengthening

Adaptive Devices Recommendation & Training

Medical Social Work

Social/Emotional Assessment

Physical/Functional Assessment

Environmental/Caregiver Support Systems Assessment

Financial Assessment

Long Range Planning Assist

Coping Assist to Family/Patient

In-Home Plan/Management of Illness Assist

Counseling for Emotional Management

Community Resource Education

Financial Counseling/Linkage to Additional Resources

Evaluation of Psychosocial Factors


Occupational Therapy

Establish Rehabilitation Program

Establish Home Exercise Program

Independent Living/ADL Training

Muscle Education

Perceptual Motor Training

Fine Motor Coordination

Neuro-Developmental Training

Sensory Treatment


Adaptive Equipment Training

Pain Management

Retraining Cognitive/Perceptual Skills

Body Image Training

Therapeutic Exercises

Coordination Sensual and Proprioception

Work Simplification/Energy Conservation Training

Safety Training

Joint Protection Training/Education

Edema Control

Environmental Modifications

Personal Care Provider

Medication Reminders

Check In


AM Care (Grooming, Dressing, Oral Care, Med Reminder)

PM Care (Undressing, Oral Care, Med Reminder)

Oxygen Tank Care

Nebulizer Set Up

Catheter Bag Assist

Assist With Showers

Incontinence Care (Limited)

Errands/Grocery Shopping

Encourage Fluid Intake

Speech Therapy

Vital Stim Treatment

Improve Reflexive Swallow Function

Improve Vocal Quality

Education & Training for Vocal Hygiene

Swallow Therapy

Improve Voice Projection

Improve Memory Skills